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                                                       Welcome To Lantern Class



 The children have started the new term very well. They have been working hard in Literacy and Numeracy.


Delicious dishes have been made in cookery, some including produce from our vegetable garden. The children have worked well as a team and taken turns in measuring, following cooking instructions and mixing all the ingredients.


The children continue to work hard towards their individual targets. We had lots of fun at Dell Farm,  harvesting fruit from the trees.  The children came away with damsons, plums and crab apples.  We will be making jam during our cookery sessions.





Picture 1 So many crab apples to pick...
Picture 2 An unexpected helper joined us!
Picture 3
Picture 4 Finding our own ways of picking fruit.
Picture 5 Looking for pumpkins.
Look what we have grown in our Vegetable Garden...
Picture 1 An impressive harvest.
Picture 2 We can make coleslaw.
Picture 3 Let's try what we have made.