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The Whitefield Ethos for Forest Schools


 The Forest Schools programme at Whitefield is provided to help children to develop their ability to interact with each other and work on their own, through being outside. Showing respect for themselves and one another in a mutually supportive environment.


What are we up to?

Coming in Spring term.


Year 1
Coming in Spring term.

Year 2 
As part of our Pumpkin Soup topic we have been to Bramingham Woods to play a wide game where we found pictures of the story, which we then organised to help us retell the story when we got back to school. Find out more below.


Year 3

Coming in Summer term.


Year 4
In Year 4 we are studying the story of Robin Hood and as part of our Forest School programme we discovered that Robin Hood had been captured by the Sherriff of Nottingham and we went in search of him. Eventually we had to build shelters in Bramingham Woods because we couldn't find him.

As one of the Sherriff of Nottingham's soldiers we have also set trails for Robin Hood to follow, with treasure at the end, so that we could capture them. We also followed each other's trials to find the treasure. We are now preparing ourselves to be one of the Merry Men, we have built shelters, followed trails to find treasure to give to the poor and now we have practised our archery skills. Since we have shown how great we are with a bow and arrow we have been to the Ancient Woodland at Bramingham and coppiced some hazel trees, using loppers, to make bows. 


Year 5
Coming in Spring term.


Year 6

Coming in Summer term.


What do you need if you are doing Forest School?

If your class are doing Forest School, you need to make sure that you have wellington boots in case it is slippery under foot and waterproof coats in case it rains. We go out in most weather, so it is best to be prepared.



Year 2


In the second half of Autumn term, Year 2 learned about The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark. We built a nest for Plop the owl to live in, then we built fires and acted out the chapter when Plop met a Scout and we built dens imagining that Plop had met an explorer in the woods and was helping him build shelter for the night.

The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark with Year 2