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Welcome to Inkpen class


Welcome to Inkpen Class' page. This year the staff in Inkpen are Miss Carpenter (Class Teacher), Miss Bandoo (TA) and Mrs Matthews (TA).


Primary Writing Project: In Whitefield we are continuing the very new and exciting  'Primary Writing Project', in Reception we are incorporating this across the whole of our curriculum. The first book we will be looking at this half term is called 'Whatever Next!' - in this story Little Bear makes a rocket to fly to the moon and back before bath time; followed by 'Train Ride'. We will use these books to link into discussions about different journeys. 

The Primary Writing Project is a way of getting children to learn a bank of different stories - teaching them new and interesting ways of retelling stories, including the use of drama or even dance.

See if your child can retell the story that we have been looking at! Ask them about the different characters and also if they can remember any of our key words.


Here are some examples of work that link with the primary writing project -  we had been looking at traditional tales.


Huff Puff painting


In the story of The Three Little Pigs, the wolf blew the houses down. We used straws to blow different coloured paint around a page.





Thinking about the story of The Three Billy Goats, we used Beebots in ICT to programme tem to move under charis and tables, pretending they were a bridge.


Inkpen class will continue to have PE every Wednesday, please make sure PE kits are brought into school - it is recommended that children bring PE kits into school on a Monday morning and leave them on their pegs for the rest of the week. PE kit should include black shorts/jogging bottoms and a white t-shirt. Please note that children will not need plimsolls or trainers until the Summer term.

Uniform: Please remember to send your child into school in the correct uniform, refer back to the uniform policy or ask a member of staff if you are unsure.


We will visit the library once a week on a Wednesday, it is important that library books are brought into school on this day so that children can get a new book to take home for the week, the children will not be sent home with a new library book if they don't have a bag with them - this is to avoid books being damaged or lost.




Maths homework: Please complete one piece of maths homework a week (the date is written on the page for each week), the maths we teach each week tends to have a link to the particular week's homework.

Values homework (in the pink books) is given out on the first of every month - with the new value. The children have a month to complete the values homework - giving them plenty of time to create a fabulous piece of work. This homework can include things like pictures and models. The best piece from each class will be displayed in the hall for all children to see.


We ask that children are encouraged to complete the homework independently and then parents/carers can write what their child has done; as well as any discussions had.


The children have a reading book that is changed every Monday. They need to be reading this book every day and it is to be recorded in their reading records by an adult.  If your child reads 5 times a week then they receive a sticker. If your child does this 6 times in a row then they could win a prize.


If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate speaking to Miss Carpenter or going to the office and making an appointment to see her at a time that suits you best.


In maths we were looking at measuring height - here shows measuring height using cubes.​​​​

In maths we have been looking at measuring height. One of the ways we did this was using cubes.

Size ordering.

Looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears, we ordered the images of bowls from smallest to biggest.

Read Write Inc

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