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Reception - Inkpen

Welcome to Inkpen class with Miss Atkins and Mrs Phillips


Our curriculum
This half term our topic is Minibeasts. Throughout this half term we will be looking at the stories The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Superworm, The Snail and the Whale, Aaaargh! Spider, Billy's Beetle and The Ugly Bug Ball. Over the course of this half term the children will be learning through Forest Schools, led by Mr Bates, modelling, bug hunts and many other tools.


For this half term, the children will still continue to do phonics through Read Write inc. They will also still be put in groups based on their abilities so the learning can be appropriate to support their learning needs, these groups are the same as last half term.


Our week
Please see below for a run through of our week.






Homework due in.


RED awards.


Library- please ensure library books are returned.

New homework sent out.


P.E- all children require a PE kit.

Star of the Week assembly.

The books that children receive from the library are not linked to their reading ability- these are sent out separately. Reading books get changed throughout the week - please ensure children have their reading books in their book bags every day so we are able to give them a new one.


We will complete a range of subjects, including; PD, Art, Understanding the World, English and Maths.
Inkpen class will continue to have PD every Thursday, it is important to make sure kits are in for this day, kit should include a white T-Shirts, black shorts/jogging bottoms, children do not yet need footwear for PE as all PE lessons are taught indoors, a member of staff will inform you when footwear is needed for PE. We recommend leaving kits in school in case lessons need to be moved. It is also asked that earrings are removed for the day that children have PD.


It is important that all uniform is clearly named, this includes PE kits.


Please note that it is school policy for children to not wear nail varnish, please make sure nail varnish is removed for school. Also, long hair needs to be tied up.

Our learning challenges!
We participate in the RED awards (Read Every Day) which we check on Mondays. Its is important for children to read every day to support their writing in school and to help their imagination and it only takes 5 minutes! The staff read with every child once a week at least but we need your continued support to help our children achieve. If your child has read 5 times in a week they will earn a sticker which you will see in the reading record and if they earn 2 stickers they will win a prize. Please record all books you read, not just the school books!


Wow moments
Over the year we create a Learning Journey for every child, with a range of photos, comments and work created by the children at school and at home. The wow cards are a way for you to share something that your child has done that has made you think 'wow!' We will share the wow moment with the class before sticking it into their Learning Journey. If you need to collect any more wow cards, we keep a supply in the entrance on the Parents/ Carers board or you can ask a member of staff for some more.


Below is a list of things you could write as your child's wow moment- if you have seen them do anything else, please let us know!

Subject area


Communication and Language

  • Can they talk about something they have made?

  • Could you record them speaking about something you have done or are going to do?

Physical Development

  • Have they learnt a new skill at a football club or tried something new at the playground?

  • Have you seen them try to write a new letter or have they finally cracked that one that was very tricky?

  • Do they know anything about healthy eating?

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Are they able to share with other children?

  • Can they talk about something they like clearly?

  • Have they tried to comfort someone?


  • If they have tried to do any writing at home, please bring it in- this could be as simple as they tried to write their name.

  • Can they read any words that you didn’t know they could?


  • Is your child able to recognise numbers? What numbers do they recognise?

  • Can they tell you how many toys they have altogether?

  • Do they comment on the shape of items?

  • Can they use positional language? (I’m next to the table).

Understanding the World

  • Can your child use technology independently? (Radio, mobile phone, gaming console?)

  • Are there any family events that they have attended- a baptism or visiting family?

  • Can they identify differences in cultures- for example how various cultures dress?

  • Are they able to recognise changes in the seasons?

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Can your child sing a song on their own or make one up?

  • Are they able to play a game from their own imagination?


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