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Year 2 - Donaldson

   Welcome to Donaldson Class   
with Mrs George and Mrs Holden


Last half term we had a great time learning all about  Zoo by Anthony Browne.  We learnt all about animals, compared life in the UK to that of children in school in Kenya and we also looked in depth at writing stories about feelings.  We were also very proud of the children's commitment with learning their lines and all of the song words for our Christmas performance of "Christmas With The Aliens".  The whole school was very proud of what was achieved. 





This next half term promises to be just as exciting and jam packed! Our topic work is all about The Great Fire of London. We will be looking at the fiction text (based on true historical events) Toby and the Great Fire of London, learning about Samuel Pepys, ordering events on a timeline and comparing London today with London in 1666.  We began the topic with a wow day and we created our own Tudor houses. (see photograph).  We will also be visited by Bedfordshire Fire Service (date TBC).


This half term's curriculum

English - Primary Writing Project  

We will be focusing on Talk for Writing.  The children will be learning a new text of by heart through repetition and drama.  We will have daily writing that develops their knowledge and skills.  This new concept is a whole school approach.  It will develop their confidence, expand their imagination and creativity as well as inspire the children to write with more passion.  



This half term we will  focus on multiplication and division, fractions and then shape and their properties.  To support the children in building their competency and fluency we teach the lessons through the CPA (Concrete, Pictoral, Abstact) method.

Concrete - children have the opportunity to use real life objects to help them understand what they are doing.
Pictoral - alongside the concrete, children will also have pictoral representations provided/ draw their own.  These help the children to reason and solve problems.
Abstract - once the children are secure and confident a with the concrete and pictoral stage they are then exposed to numerical  concepts. 


Creative Curriculum

Our creative curriculum is closely linked with our English work. In history we will be looking at Tudor London and the event around The Great Fire of London which occurred in September 1666.  In science we will be investigating life cycles. In art we are exploring silhouettes and shadow.  In music we will be learning to play London's Burning on an untuned instrument.  We will also learn to sing it in a choral round.  


In PE we are undertaking gymnastics indoors with Mr Cyrus.  We are also undertaking football skills with a qualified coach from Luton Town Football Club.  This is a very exciting opportunity.  The football sessions will take place both outdoors and indoors depending on if it is very wet.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school with them every day.  We suggest they bring it in Monday and keep it on their peg until Friday.  Please ensure your child has an outdoor PE kit.  Trainers would be preferable over plimsolls for outdoor activities as they protect the children's toes and they are waterproof. 


Our timetabled PE lessons are Monday and Thursday morning. 


Please ensure that all of your child’s clothing is named.


Our Library slot is Friday.  Please ensure sure that all library books are in school ready for this lesson so your child may renew their book every week.  If your child would like to keep their book for an extra week they still must return it so that it can be entered and then re-issued on the school system.  Thank you for your continued support.


RED (Reading Every Day) - this could be your allocated book, Bug Club, library book or any other suitable text. Please sign your child's diary each time they read. Read 5 x each week. Do this for 6 weeks and get a special prize in assembly.

Maths - 1 page set every Wednesday. To be returned the following Monday. 1 dojo for completed work. 

Spellings - New words set every Wednesday. To be returned the following Monday. 1 dojo for completed work. 

Values Journal - sent home on the first day of every month. To be returned on the last Monday of every month. 1 dojo for completed work. 3 dojos for 1 child selected in each class. Their work is also displayed in the assembly hall for the whole class to celebrate for the following month.

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We look forward to a very happy and successful year with Delightful Donaldson Class.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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