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Year 3 - Dahl

Welcome to Dahl Class


Mr Devine and Mrs Johnsen


The children will be learning about the history of the circus and reading a story about a lion who gets sold to a circus.



English we are reading Michael Morpurgo's story of 'The Butterfly Lion,' a beautiful story about a little boy called Bertie, who rescues an orphaned white lion from the African veld. They are inseparable until Bertie is sent away to boarding school and the lion is sold to the circus. Bertie swears that one day they will see each other again, but the butterfly lion ensures that their friendship will never be forgotten.

During our English lessons we will be creating fact files, writing descriptions, creating a setting and planning a story of our own and creating a new scene from this lovely story.





In mathematics pupils will be focusing on strengthening their problem solving skills, while developing in all other areas of the mathematics curriculum. This half term we will be developing our place value skills further. As we are now in Year 3, Place value will focus on hundreds, tens and ones. Our number work will be learning strategies to mentally add and subtract a 3 digit multiple to a 3 digit number. We will also be recalling multiplication facts and introducing the 4 times table.




This term we will be learning to play the Ukulele.




We will be pushing and pulling our way through science discovering about magnets and forces.



In art we will be investigating and creating work around symmetry, tessellation and looking at M.C.Escher's work.






Outside lessons will take place on Tuesday afternoon. Children will be learning Tag rugby. As the weather gets colder, please send your child with outside trainers and warm, black tracksuit bottoms and a white t-shirt.

Friday afternoon will be indoors and children must have their black shorts, white t-shirt and plimsolls for this.

Please note: For health and safety reasons please remove earrings on these days.






We will have one session in the library every week. This is a great opportunity for children to change their reading books and library books!

Please remember to read with your child on a daily basis - there are RED prizes to be won!