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Year 4 – King Smith


Welcome to King - Smith Class

Miss Clay and Mrs Becirler


Our topic this half term is .....

'The Great Kapok Tree"

This half term pupils will be reading this beautifully illustrated picture book by Lynn Cherry.

What is happening to the rainforest?

Where will all the animals live if The Great Kapok Tree is cut down?

Find out whether the animals survive or lose their rainforest homes.



King Smith class are continuing on their talk for writing journey and are focusing on writing suspense adventure stories. We will be learning the story of 'Adventure at Sandy Cove' and building on this story to write our own innovate versions.

Within this unit we will look at using a range of sentence types to create suspense and we will experiment with new punctuation  (  )  :   ; !  ...

Check facebook for some of our work!



We are starting summer term off with our new scheme of work from INSPIRE maths. 

Children will be preparing themselves for their journey into year 5 and covering key concepts involving number. This unit of work will allow children to consolidate their methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

WE still need to have a big focus on times table recall. Children should be able to recall up to 12x112 by the time they leave year 4.

Extra homework will be provided for those pupils who need extra support, so please look out for this each week.



During reading sessions, we will be working hard to develop comprehension skills using fiction and non-fiction texts.

Sadly ... Our RED numbers have dropped!!


To help us win, please read with your child 5 times each week!! Don't forget this can be any type of reading but you must get your record signed.


Foundation subjects

Pupils are starting this half term by exploring different types of music from across the ages - this will then be used to create and perform their own piece of rainforest inspired music. 

In art pupils will be looking at the famous Pop Art artist ' Andy Warhol', who was famous for his painting of Marilyn Monroe. Pupils will be using his techniques to create their own rainforest animal images.

Finally in geography pupils will be learning about the rainforest - what are the different layers called? What is it like to live in a rainforest? Would you survive?



Key information

PE Football with Mr Cyrus - Outdoor Kit - Tuesday

Swimming - Thursday

Library - Friday

Please remember to bring everything with you - our school values promote independence and responsibility. 


Take a look at our value display! Our artwork is inspired by English artist Damien Hirst.

How do you show commitment?



If you have any further questions, please feel free to book an appointment at the school office.

Thank you for your support.