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Year 4 – King Smith


Welcome to King - Smith Class

Miss Clay and Mrs Becirler


Our topic this half term is .....


This half term pupils will be reading Invasion by June Crebbin

It's 1066 and William, Duke of Normandy, has set sail for England to fight King Harold and claim the crown. Rollo must look after the Duke's horses in the biggest adventure of his life as they cross the Channel, fight in the Battle of Hastings and crown William the Conqueror King of England!






As we start the second half of Spring term, pupils will be continuing their Primary Writing Project with the story of ' Kassim and the greedy dragon'. 

What will happen when Kassim meets the dragon? Will he make it out alive with the magical crystals?

Pupils will use this story to write their own innovations and create their own journey stories.

Keep checking back to see their work!




This half term our maths focus is multiplying and dividing

Have you learnt all of your times table facts? Can you switch from multiplication to division?

As well as all of this new learning, we are going to be working hard to refresh the learning made in Autumn term. Please remember to complete your weekly homework as this will help refresh your memories. 

Remember to log into mymaths to complete additional homework activities.



During reading sessions, we will be working hard to develop comprehension skills using fiction and non-fiction texts.

I am really proud of King Smith class as we have been working hard to increase our RED award numbers each week! We have even won £10 to spend on books, so thank you Mrs Christie and Mrs Bateman.

We have decided to save our £10 and try to win some more as we have our eye on lots of lovely books.

To help us win, please read with your child 5 times each week!! Don't forget this can be any type of reading but you must get your record signed.


Foundation subjects

Throughout art lessons this half term we are going to be trying our hand at sewing, and recreating our own Bayeux Tapestry!! The pupils are excited but the teachers are not quite so enthusiastic about untying lots of knotted needles!! aarrrgh!  We will upload some of our final pieces and hopefully they will look as good as the real thing :) 

In History we will be using our visit to Warwick castle to really imagine what life was like during 1066. 


As a school , we have signed up to a new and exciting PSHE curriculum that will cover all aspect of life with pupils . We are excited about this project as it will help develop pupils socially and morally.


Key information

PE Tennis with Mr Cyrus - indoor Kit - Tuesday

Swimming - Thursday

Library - Friday

Please remember to bring everything with you - our school values promote independence and responsibility. 


Take a look at our value display! Our artwork is inspired by English artist Damien Hirst.

How do you show commitment?



If you have any further questions, please feel free to book an appointment at the school office.

Thank you for your support.