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Year 4 – King Smith


Your Teacher is Mr Devine






Our Focus book this term is:
'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman


Lila wants to be just like her father and make fireworks. She does not heed his warning about the dangers of his job and undertakes a perilous quest to learn the secrets of firework making. Will Lila meet her doom when she comes face to face with the evil Fire-Fiend?

Primary Writing Project

In English we are continuing our exciting new way of teaching English called the 'Primary Writing Project'.  This approach is motivating our children to write the most amazing stories along with, deepening understanding about writing and refining skills so that children make good progress and standards are raised.

The children have produced some fantastic writing so far. 


We are learning maths in an exciting new way!
We are using the INSPIRE maths scheme to help develop skills across all areas of the curriculum. 

We are beginning our lessons with fluency activities to increase working speed across all operations.


Times tables are a big focus for us in Year 4 as we now have a new focused test to sit at the end of the year. 

Please make sure you attempt these at home!

Physical Education


Outside lessons will take place on Friday morning so please send your child with outside trainers and warm, black tracksuit bottoms and a white t-shirt. For indoor PE children must have their black shorts, white t-shirt and plimsolls for this.

Swimming lessons will take place on Thursday afternoons at Lea Manor swimming pool.


Please note: For health and safety reasons please remove earrings on these days. Children must have the correct PE kit in school as we have limited resources available for loan.

Reading and Library


We will have one session in the library every week. This is a great opportunity for children to change their reading books and library books!


Please remember to read with your child on a daily basis and record this in their reading record - there are RED prizes to be won!


This half term we will be investigating Volcanoes to link with our topic book: The Firework Maker's Daughter. 

The children will learn all about the plates of the earth and the raw power of Volcanoes



In Science we will be investigating the different states that objects have and deciding whether they are a solid, liquid or a gas. We will also be experimenting with objects to understand why they change state.



Design Technology


This half term we are looking to unlock our inner bakers

We are going to be linking our science topic to help us understand the freezing and melting of ingredients.





We have been extremely lucky to secure the services of a languages teacher for this school year and the children will get to experience life in another language.


This year we will be learning:



That's all for now - Keep coming back and checking for updates, or new photos that may have been uploaded


In the mean time, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to come and have a chat to me or ask any questions (I am usually well fed by the time the doors open in the morning!)


I look forward to working together with you to build a happy and successful school year for all your children.


Mr Devine