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Year 4 - Morpurgo

Welcome to Morpurgo Class

Mrs Godden and Miss Becirler


This half term our topic is



'William, Duke of Normandy, has invaded England to conquer King Harold and take his crown. Can Rollo, his pageboy, help William win the battle and become King of England?'







This term, we will be continuing with our Primary Writing Project, looking at the story of  'Journey to England'. It is a story set in Norman times and is a journey text about King William's initial journey to England.  First we will immitate the story, learning it off by heart using actions to help us. Then we will innovate it, making it our own. Finally we will invent, creating our own story! For our Non-Fiction text, we will be learning how to write an explanation text on How to become a Squire.


You can find the texts at the bottom of this page. 



In maths, this term we will continue with our work on Fractions whereby we will be adding and subtraction fractions, working out fractions of a set and applying the concepts of a fraction as part of a whole and part of a set. We will then investigate Angles. Naming and measuring and drawing angles. We will also be investigating turns and right angles and the directions on a compass. 


Please help your child practice their times tables as it will make learning to multiply and divide much easier! We need to learn them all the way up to 12 x 12!

Children have been given access to Times Tables Rocks Stars (click on logo to access). A very fun and interactive way to learn the times tables!


 Remember to check out the links below for times table games and log in to your My Maths accounts for more times table work.



During reading sessions, we will be working hard to develop comprehension skills using fiction and non-fiction texts.



Each week, we are having a competition to see which class can get the most REDS. The winning class will be given £10 to spend on books.


Please encourage your child to read everyday to get their RED and win prizes! It can be a school book, a book from home, a magazine, a newspaper... anything at all with words! 5 minutes reading a day will make a lot of difference to your child's progress.

Children have been giving their Bug Club logins and have been allocated new books. Reading on Bug Club counts towards their REDS. 


Integrated Curriculum

Our foundation subjects will be taught as we progress through our class based book.

We will be learning about the Normans; who they were, where they come from and the importance of the Battle of Hastings. We will also be comparing historical sources of the Battle. We will be programming a game in Scratch. Can you survive the Battle of Hastings?



As part of our science work we will be investigating shadows. Our artwork will be looking at the Bayeux Tapestry and planning a new scene. 



Our RE theme will focus on places of worship and the meaning of worship in differing religions. 


Key information

PE- Wednesday (indoors or outdoors) Please have PE kits in school all week as the day sometimes changes depending on Mr Cyrus. 

Swimming - Thursday - please make sure your child has their swimming clothes in school.

Library - Thursdays

Spelling test- Wednesdays

Maths homework due in on Thursdays

Reds due in on Thursdays


If you have any further questions, please feel free to book an appointment at the school office.

Thank you for your support.