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Year 5 - Fine



Well, what a fantastic start to Year 5. We have been so impressed with how quickly the children have settled into their new class. On this page, you will find useful information about the Year 5 curriculum, expectations, homework and key dates throughout the year so keep checking back regularly.


Our topic this term is King Arthur and the book we will be studying is: 


King Arthur High King of Britain.


This is what we will be learning...


English -  As well as regular spelling and grammar sessions, we will be writing narrative stories, information texts, poetry and a comic strip.


Reading - During reading sessions we will be focusing on how to find information from the text (Literal), how to reach conclusions on the basis of evidence and reasoning (Inference) and learn from the authors choice of words and techniques used (Evaluate). We will also carry on developing our skills of comprehension.


Maths - This term we will be usiing our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills on telling the time, reading and writing 5 digit numbers and understanding negative numbers. We will also be continuing our basic skills of addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division. 


Science - This term our topic is focused on forces, where we will be learning about gravity, friction, air and water resistance.


History - Our history lessons will focus on the Anglo Saxons and how they invaded and settled in Britain.


Music -  We will be studying a piece of music from an opera about the sea, with lessons from the BBC Ten pieces Project.






Key information:


PE days are Monday and Wednesday, please ensure your child has thier PE kit

(indoor and outdoor) in school. 


Library day is Tuesday



If you have any queries or concerns, please come and see us when we open the door. Thank you.

Mrs Godden and Miss Jones.