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Year 5 - Shakespeare

Welcome to Shakespeare Class!

Miss Clay

Mrs Shaw


Welcome back to the new term , we hope you have had a lovely summer break and are well rested for this year!


Autumn Term 1 

This half term we will be focusing on the topic of myths and legends throughout our topic work. Year 5 will be reading the magical legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone.

How did Arthur pull out the sword? Is the story really true?




We will be continuing our work using the talk for writing project and will kickstart our term with the story ' Alien landing'.

What happens when two boys are mysteriously taken by aliens and returned to earth with a magical stone? Pupils will explore the text and innovate their own versions of the story. We will be focusing on creating interest by exploring some new sentence types,

created by Alan Peat. 



This year we will be using our new scheme of Inspire maths to shape our arithmetic and reasoning lessons. Each day pupils will have two maths lessons to focus on the different areas of mathematics. By this point pupils should have a secure knowledge of all times tables, if this is not the case we urge you to support your child in learning their times tables to further help them with maths this year.

Our first topics will focus on the understanding of number and simple methods for calculation.



Topic curriculum

Our work in topic will be closely related to our story of King Arthur.

The legend of King Arthur rose from the Saxon time period so we will focus on understanding what life was life for Anglo-Saxons in England. Pupils will be making Saxon shields during their WOW day , and we would very much appreciate any donations of cardboard.

In Art lessons , we will be looking at the work of Peter Pracownik and exploring the use of different medium such as water colours and pastels.

Our music lessons will focus on creating a piece of music to depict a journey of an Anglo Saxon through the sea and we will link this with our medieval dance lessons.

We also have a new and exciting opportunity this year. All pupils will be learning Italian for 1 hour each week. Learning a second language is a great opportunity and will be fun for all. Lessons will be starting in the next few weeks and we will

keep you updated with our progress.



Monday and Tuesday

Remember to bring the correct kit.

PE kit is a white top with black shorts. During the winter, or outdoor lessons, a black hoody and black tracksuit bottoms may be worn. You must also wear trainers or plimsolls for all PE lessons. This is your responsibility and should be in school from Monday each week. If you do not bring kit then spare kit will be issued.



If you have any questions please speak to the class teacher. If you feel an appointment needs to be made to discuss any issues please contact the school office.