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Year 5 - Shakespeare

Welcome to Shakespeare Class!

Miss Clay

Miss Jones


Spring Term 2


This half term year 5 will be reading 

'The Lone Wolf'

This book is set in the wild outback of Alaska and tells the tale of a wolf pack. When Faolan the wolf pup is born with a twisted paw there is only one choice that the wolf pack has to make ... banish Faolan!

Abandoned to die beside an icy river, the pup Faolan survives his ride on an ice flow, is adopted by a caring grizzly bear, and has to find his own way to the world of wolves.


To hook us into our text we will be having our WOW day on Tuesday 26th February. 

Children are to come dressed as wolves - if you don't have a wolf costume don't worry, just wear a black or grey top with your school bottoms. We will then be experiencing life through the eyes of Faolan the injured wolf pup and completing many exciting activities. 



Schools linking project

This half term our friends from Chantry will be visiting us at Whitefield.

We had a great time when we visited them in February and we participated in lots of fun activities. 

Check back for further information and pictures throughout the term.





This half term we will be looking at a story based on the boy who cried wolf. As we go through the term, we will be focusing on developing our vocabulary to uplevel our writing.

We will be focusing on a range of grammatical concepts and preparing for the year 6 SPAG test. 

We will also be using our topic book of The Lone Wolf to create a non-chronological report. Pupils will need to research this amazing animal and apply their knowledge of non-fiction texts to structure and write a piece.



Year 5 worked really hard last term to gain a better understanding of fractions and are coming to the end of this unit of work. We are now moving on to understanding decimals and pupils will be require to use decimals in all 4 operations. 

Pupils have been given log ins for our new times table game - TT Rockstars!

Please ensure this resource is being used at home and is aiding pupils in learning all their times table from 1 to 12!!


Topic curriculum

Our creative curriculum will be linked to our topic book. 

As our book is set on the life of a wolf in Alaska, we will be exploring this geographical location. In particular, we will be gaining and understanding of mountains and how they contribute to the water cycle

Building on from our work last half term on blogs, we will be use the same applications to create a webpage. Pupils will use Google Sites to create their own webpage for advertising holidays to Alaska.

In art we will be focusing on improving our drawing skills by using a range of materials to sketch Alaskan animals. We will start by using pencils and will progress to charcoal and colour throughout the term.



Monday and Tuesday

Remember to bring the correct kit.

PE kit is a white top with black shorts. During the winter, or outdoor lessons, a black hoody and black tracksuit bottoms may be worn. You must also wear trainers or plimsolls for all PE lessons. This is your responsibility and should be in school from Monday each week. If you do not bring kit then spare kit will be issued.



If you have any questions please speak to the class teacher. If you feel an appointment needs to be made to discuss any issues please contact the school office.