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Year 5 - Shakespeare

Welcome to Shakespeare Class!

Miss Clay

Miss Jones


Autumn Term2 

As we move through Autumn term, year 5 pupils will be studying the famous book

' The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe ' by C.S . Lewis.

Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are four siblings sent to live in the country with the eccentric Professor Kirke during World War II. The children explore the house on a rainy day and Lucy, the youngest, finds an enormous wardrobe. Lucy steps inside and finds herself in a strange, snowy wood.

Where will their adventures lead them?




School linking with Chantry Primary Academy

Pupils in year 5 are taking part in an amazing opportunity to build friendships with pupils from another school. Over the coming year we will be engaging on joint events and communicating regular with Marconi class from Chantry.  We have been working hard on making a box full of stuff about us and our school and are excited to receive one back from Chantry. 

Don't forget to return your  permission slip and £4 for our joint trip on November 23rd - If you have lost the letter please see the  school office.




Year 5 are really getting to grips with the talk for writing project and are working through the 3 different stages to produce both fiction and non-fiction pieces.

This half term our work will be based on the story 'Staying with granny' and we will be focusing on adding some exciting twists to our own versions of this portal story. 

 We will be focusing on creating interest by exploring some new sentence types,

created by Alan Peat and refining our use of dialogue within stories, to move the action forward. 



This year we will be using our new scheme of Inspire maths to shape our arithmetic and reasoning lessons. Each day pupils will have two maths lessons to focus on the different areas of mathematics. By this point pupils should have a secure knowledge of all times tables, if this is not the case we urge you to support your child in learning their times tables to further help them with maths this year.

We will now be moving on to our topic of fractions which will need pupils to have a solid understanding of multiplication and division and how they are related. 



Topic curriculum

Our creative curriculum will be linked to our topic book. 

We are looking for donations of old shoe boxes so that we can start building our own 3d models of Narnia.

Please bring them into school if you have any spare.


As our book is set during the period of WW2 , we will study the impact of WW2 on Britain and the rest of the world. What was it like to be a child during this time? How did it affect and change Britain? 

In computing we will start our first session of work on programming. Pupils will recap their knowledge from previous years and use programmes such as Scratch and j2Code to create their own animations.

For our DT project we are going to practice the art of sewing and design our own bag fit for the Snow Queen. We will look at different stitches and create various designs before creating and evaluating our final piece.

And .... in music we will be exploring the effect music can have on people by creating our own piece of music suitable for a video trailer.



Monday and Tuesday

Remember to bring the correct kit.

PE kit is a white top with black shorts. During the winter, or outdoor lessons, a black hoody and black tracksuit bottoms may be worn. You must also wear trainers or plimsolls for all PE lessons. This is your responsibility and should be in school from Monday each week. If you do not bring kit then spare kit will be issued.



If you have any questions please speak to the class teacher. If you feel an appointment needs to be made to discuss any issues please contact the school office.