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Year 5 - Shakespeare

Welcome to Shakespeare Class


Our book we are studying this term is

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.




This is what we will be learning...


English - As well as regular spelling and grammar sessions, we will be really focusing on writing to engage the audience through, suspense, dialogue and action. We will be writing a missing scene, a character description and a newspaper report.


Reading - During reading sessions we will be focusing on how to find information from the text (Literal), how to reach conclusions on the basis of evidence and reasoning (Inference) and learn from the authors choice of words and techniques used (Evaluate). We will also carry on developing our skills of comprehension.


Maths - This term we will be using our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills on understanding numbers involving multiples, common multiples, factors, common factors and learn what are prime and composite numbers. We will be looking at tables and graphs. We will also be continuing our basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Science - This term our topic is focused on Changing Materials, where we will be learning about how materials can change when heated and cooled and whether they can change back to their original state.


History - Our history lessons will focus on the Rebuilding Britain after WWII and how the war changed Britain.


Computing - We will be creating different types of games using a graphical block programming tool (Scratch).


Homework Due Dates:

Monday - REDS are due in, please ensure your child has read 5 times.

Please ensure your child reads at home as we are not having many children complete their REDS homework!

Wednesday - Maths homework books or folders are due in.

Friday - Spelling test day.



Key information:


PE days are Tuesday and Thursday,

please ensure your child has their PE kit

(indoor and outdoor) in school.


Library day is Monday



If you have any queries or concerns, please come and see us when we open the door. Thank you.

Mr Patel and Miss Coates


Some dates for your diary:

Tuesday 21st November - Trip to Dell Farm

Monday 4th December - Trip to Hazard Alley (more details to follow)

Tuesday 5th June 2018 - Trip to National Space Centre (more details to follow)